Cali girl kylie jenner lip inspired XD

caligirlmakeuphead2caligirlmakeuphead blondeskull simple to medium edit i did on these heads.

i tried to make it look like it had makeup so i added extra eyelash and “mascaraaaa”

also, i added more blush , some eyeshadow, and a green or blue eyed whichever you prefer haha.

credit to whoever made the original head  that got edited by me (comment down below so i can give proper credit).

creds to whoever made body :p


(doing anime requests so comment below what characters you want.)


blackombreheady10goldbody black to gold ombre . not sure if extensions will work x.x

haha pls comment on request page!


Hi all.

I decided to start from scratch on this site.

Here is this head I heavily edited.


credits to azngirlsgfx for the body.

its a black into purple ombre i did, if youd like me to add a mouth to it please just comment.

I hope this site is good.